… we move people in memorable ways.

Because if we don’t make you feel something, then the moment is lost no matter how polished or clever the narrative. With compliments to all of our competitors who all work hard to promote the fundamentals of storytelling in advertising, truth is, stories only work when someone is listening – and with all the distractions of today, nobody can guarantee they are.

We have a slightly different approach; we focus on the visceral. If you can strike a nerve and make the audience feel something in just an instant or single moment, they’ll never forget who you are.

We are comprised of detail-oriented, goal-driven, right-brained, design-loving, content-creating, hyphen-utilizing individuals who thrive on breathing life into a brand. Modin is ready to help you translate ideas into the kind of multi-media campaign experiences that helped us win dozens of awards. Awards are neat, but what we really care about driving your brand forward towards measurable and unfettered results.

The long and short of things – we know most clients need short term solutions which we can solve while focusing on the creation of long term memories in your audience’s minds.



Asset Creation


Brand Identity
Brand/ New Product Launch
Content + Marketing Strategy
Media Planning

Video Production
Post Production
Motion Graphics
3D Modeling & Animation
Graphic Design
Digital Imaging & Retouching
Live Event Production

Online advertising
SEO Keyword Research
E-commerce Marketplace Set Up
Digital Media Buying
Email Marketing
PPC campaign
Influencer Marketing